Wind Monsters Hunting Festival

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Event Duration: May 21 to June 4, 2018

May 21-23 May 23-25 May 25-27 May 27-29 May 29 - June 4
Wind Wind & Fire Wind & Water Wind & Earth Wind

Wind Monsters Hunting Festival is a Medal Event that features all the medal-dropping Wind Monsters introduced so far, with their medal dropping rates set higher compared to those in normal quests.

  • The main objective of this quest is to gain the event-exclusive Fire-Up Medals.
  • Fire-Up Medals can be obtained via the Medal Alchemy Box, which is available in the Alchemy section of the Workshop.
    • This gacha variant costs 3 medals and 3,000 PQ per draw.
    • The distribution is completely random - meaning players cannot select the Job they would like to alchemize for.
    • The Fire-Up Medal appearance rates have been raised compared to March/April's Medal Events.
  • Information about the Event Missions is available here.
Name Effect per Medal
Knight's Fire-Up Medal Enmity (aka Hate or Aggro) +15% when playing Knight or Paladin
Thief's Fire-Up Medal Normal Ability Attack Power +7 when playing Thief or Assassin
White Mage's Fire-Up Medal Normal Ability Healing Power +5 when playing White Mage or Priest
Black Mage's Fire-Up Medal Damage Limit Increase +500 when playing Black Mage or Arcanist
Hunter's Fire-Up Medal Poison Damage +4% when playing Hunter or Sniper