Wind Monsters Hunting Event "Whispering Winds"

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"Whispering Winds" is a time-limited Hunting Event running from December 25, 2017 to January 8, 2018.

12252017 Event 1.png

  • The main objective of this quest is to gain the event-exclusive Wind Energy Medals.
  • Wind Energy Medals can only be obtained from the Whispering Winds Box Gacha.
    • The Whispering Winds Box Gacha costs 1 Whispering Winds Gacha Ticket per draw.
      • Whispering Winds Gacha Tickets are dropped from monsters that appear in the Whispering Winds quest.
        • Each Whispering Winds quest lasts 15 minutes, instead of the usual 30 minutes.
    • Other rewards include Gacha Tickets, Medal Scrolls, and Enhancement Hammers.
  • The Whispering Winds Box Gacha can be reset as many times as desired, but the contents of the gacha box will change after resetting 6 times (i.e. no more Gacha Tickets).
  • Good news for beginners is that, as opposed to the previous Hunting Events, the Whispering Winds quest features rare monsters that will drop Flame Medals, Wind Medals, Aqua Medals, and/or Earth Medals on occasion.
  • Information about the Whispering Winds Event Missions is available here.