Water Monsters Hunting Event: "Paddy Fields with Water"

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07232018 Event 1.jpg

Event Duration: July 23 to August 6, 2018

July 23-25 Julye 25-27 July 27-29 July 29-31 August 1-6
Water Water & Earth Water & Wind Water & Fire Water

Water Monsters Hunting Event: "Paddy Fields with Water" is a Medal Event that features all the medal-dropping Water Monsters introduced so far, with their medal dropping rates set higher compared to those in normal quests.

  • Fire-Up Medals can be obtained via the Medal Alchemy Box, which is available in the Alchemy section of the Workshop.
    • This gacha variant costs 3 medals and 3,000 PQ per draw.
    • The distribution is completely random - meaning players cannot select the Job they would like to alchemize for.
    • The Fire-Up Medal appearance rates have been raised compared to March/April's Medal Events.
  • New medals have been added to the Medal Alchemy Box to replace older ones.
Medals Added Medals Deleted
Night Dragon Medal Harpy Medal
Black Jelly Medal Enemy Crab Medal
Remora Medal Great Moth Medal
Melusine Medal Treant Medal
  • Hat Chompers rarely appear and occasionally drop Debuff Resistance Medals.
    • A Debuff Resistance Medal can be upgraded by consuming as many 1* medals of the same kind as its rarity stars.
      • For example, a 3* Bleed Resistance Medal can be upgraded to 4* by consuming three 1* Bleed Resistance Medals.
Name Effect per Medal
Blind Resistance Medal Blind Debuff Resistance +25 (when upgraded to 6*)
Weaken Resistance Medal Weaken Debuff Resistance +25 (when upgraded to 6*)
Bind Resistance Medal Bind Debuff Resistance +25 (when upgraded to 6*)
Bleed Resistance Medal Bleed Debuff Resistance +25 (when upgraded to 6*)
Knight's Fire-Up Medal Enmity (aka Hate or Aggro) +15% when playing Knight or Paladin
Thief's Fire-Up Medal Normal Ability Attack Power +7 when playing Thief or Assassin
White Mage's Fire-Up Medal Normal Ability Healing Power +5 when playing White Mage or Priest
Black Mage's Fire-Up Medal Damage Limit Increase +500 when playing Black Mage or Arcanist
Hunter's Fire-Up Medal Poison Damage +4% when playing Hunter or Sniper
  • Information about the Event Missions is available here.