Visitors from the Realm of the Dead

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  • Challenge the Propagator of Doom Gigas Lich (Undead / Water) to earn Phantom Beast Tokens, and get the Laylah Set (as Achievement Rewards), Gigas Lich Coins (as Daily Ranking Rewards), the Golden Laylah Set (as Overall Ranking Rewards), and more!
    • The Achievements will be unlocked, and your Rankings will be determined, based on how many Phantom Beast Tokens you have collected.
    • Phantom Beast Tokens are dropped from Gigas Lich and Rozalia.
    • 5 RoD (Realm of the Dead) Talismans are required per participation in the Gigas Lich quest.
    • RoD Talismans can be obtained in the RoDT Gathering quest.
    • Gigas Lich Coins can be exchanged for Gigas Lich Medals at the Rare Coin Shop.
    • Also worthy of note is that Golden Chomper Tickets are included in the Achievement Rewards.