Visitors from the Blazing Inferno

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Visitors from the Blazing Inferno is a time-limited Ranking Event running from September 30 to October 14, 2017 that gives players a chance to get various event-exclusive rewards.

  • Challenge the Goddess of Volcanoes Pele (Flying / Fire) to collect Phantom Beast Tokens, and receive the Pele Set (as Achievement Rewards), Pele Coins (as Daily Ranking Rewards), the Golden Pele Set (as Overall Ranking Rewards), and more!
    • The Achievements will be unlocked, and your Rankings will be determined, based on how many Phantom Beast Tokens you have collected.
      • The Daily Ranking is compiled at 15:00 JST, every day.
      • Achievement Rewards other than the Pele Set include Gacha Tickets, Golden Chomper Tickets, and 4* Scrolls.
    • Phantom Beast Tokens are dropped from Pele.
      • 5 Flame Feathers are required per participation in the Attack on Pele quest.
        • Flame Feathers can be earned through defeating Kelaino in the Flame Feather Gathering quest.
          • Kelaino also drops some Phantom Beast Tokens.
    • Pele Coins can be exchanged for Pele Medals at the Rare Coin Shop.
      • Be sure to secure 6 or more Pele Medals by October 16 (the end date of the exchange period), because they might never become available again after this event.
    • The Pele Set consists of:
      • Pele Mask: Magical Attack +50 / Special Ability Cooldown Time -3 seconds per Normal Attack with Fire weapon
      • Pele Jacket: Battle XP +10% / Fire Attack Normal Ability Power +15
      • Pele Tail Pants: PQ Drop +10% / Fire Attack Special Ability Power +30
    • In addition to rewards, up to 23 Mythrils can be earned by a player.
    • Click or tap here for information regarding the Event Missions.