Valkyrie Series x FFBE Collaboration - Visitors from Another World

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Valkyrie Series x FFBE Collaboration: Visitors from Another World is a time-limited Ranking Event running from October 31 to November 14, 2017 that gives players a chance to get various event-exclusive rewards.

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  • Challenge Ethereal Queen (Humanoid / Fire) to collect Phantom Beast Tokens, and receive the Goddess of Insanity Set (as Achievement Rewards), Ethereal Queen Coins (as Daily Ranking Rewards), the Golden Goddess of Insanity Set (as Overall Ranking Rewards), and more!
    • The Achievements will be unlocked, and your Rankings will be determined, based on how many Phantom Beast Tokens you have collected.
      • The Daily Ranking is compiled at 15:00 JST, every day.
      • Achievement Rewards other than the Goddess of Insanity Set include Gacha Tickets, Golden Chomper Tickets, and 4* Scrolls.
  • Phantom Beast Tokens are dropped from Ethereal Queen.
    • 5 sachets of Ghoul Powder are required per participation in the Attack on Ethereal Queen quest.
      • Ghoul Powder can be earned through defeating Ghoul in the Ghoul Powder Gathering quest.
        • Ghoul also drops some Phantom Beast Tokens.
  • Ethereal Queen Coins can be exchanged for Ethereal Queen Medals at the Rare Coin Shop.
    • Be sure to secure 6 or more Ethereal Queen Medals by November 16 (the end date of the exchange period), because they might never become available again after this event.
  • The Goddess of Insanity Set consists of:
    • Goddess of Insanity's Bristling Hair - Increases all stats except BP by 50 points
    • Goddess of Insanity's Crested Jacket - Increases Normal Ability Power by 5 points
    • Goddess of Insanity's Magical Boots - Increase Special Ability Power by 10 points