Tanabata Festival Event: "Wishes to the Stars"

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06302018 Town Event.jpg

Event Duration: June 30 to July 16, 2018

  • In this event, players can earn various rewards by decorating the Bamboo Tree placed atop the Town Fountain with Tanzaku.
    • Tanzaku will be given by Rinne in the Find Rinne mini-mission.
      • Tanzaku is a strip of paper on which people write their wishes, mainly used for Tanabata Festival.
    • A player's Individual Points are the cumulative total of Tanzaku s/he has attached to the Bamboo Tree.
      • Overall Points represent the combined total of each player's Individual Points.
    • The more points earned, the more items you will receive at the end of the event.
Individual Points Reward
1 Gacha Ticket x1
2 Gold Boost Set x1
3 20,000 PQ
4 4* Scroll Set x1
5 Gacha Ticket x1
6 Gold Boost Set x1
7 4* Scroll Set x1
8 Legend Coin x1
9 Gacha Ticket x1
10 Legend Coin x1
12 5* Scroll Set x1
14 Legend Coin x1
16 Legend Coin x1
18 Legend Coin x1
20 Legend Coin x1
22 Legend Coin x1
Overall Points Reward
10,000 Gacha Ticket x1
45,000 Gacha Ticket x2
90,000 Gacha Ticket x3
135,000 Gacha Ticket x4
180,000 Gacha Ticket x5