Slot-I Weapon Pickup Gacha

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  • A 4 or 5-starred weapon/armor is guaranteed when making a 10-pull roll.
    • Yes, this gacha includes not just weapons but also armors as well!
  • The standard draw rates are as follows:
    • 3 Stars - 79%
    • 4 Stars - 15%
    • 5 Stars - 6%
  • If a 5* is drawn, this item will have a 50% chance of being one of the featured Slot-I Weapons.
Job Featured Slot-I Weapons
Knight 5SwordN1.png 5SwordW4.png 5SwordF2.png 5SwordE4.png
Black Mage 5RodN3.png 5RodW2.png 5RodF1.png 5RodE4.png
White Mage 5BookN2.png 5BookW2.png 5BookF4.png 5BookE4.png
Thief 5TwinSwordsN1.png 5TwinSwordsW2.png 5TwinSwordsF3.png 5TwinSwordsE4.png
Hunter 5BowN1.png 5BowW3.png 5BowF3.png 5BowE4.png

Sept11 Gacha.png