Phantom Beast Sylphid

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Phantom Beast Sylphid.png
April 10 ~ April 24, 2017

Overview[edit | edit source]

Wind.png Flying Type
Beginner ? HP
Intermediate ? HP
Advanced ? HP
Super ? HP
  • Sylphid will spawn Coppelia (コッペリア) Alpha and Beta when both of them do not exist.
    • Coppelia A is weak to Physical attacks. It will attack and buff Sylphid with Brave and Default.
    • Coppelia B is weak to Magical attacks. It will attack and heal Sylphid.

  • You may defeat one of the Coppelia, while leaving the other alive to reduce the enemy's numbers and actions.
    • Sylphid will respawn them if both of them were defeated after a short while.
  • They will use AOE or Tile-based attacks frequently, make sure to dodge to avoid getting combo-ed by them.

Drops[edit | edit source]

◆ Sylphid Coins ◆

Sylphid Coin
Sylphid Armor Set
  • When Sylphid is defeated, Sylphid Coin has a chance of dropping.
  • Higher difficulties of the dungeon will have a chance of dropping more coins and better rates,
  • These coins can be exchanged at the Rare Coin Shop.

Coin Shop[edit | edit source]

Items in this shop can only be purchased with Sylphid Coin.

Image Name Cost # Available
Coppelia Hat.png Coppelia Hat


40 1
Sylphid Bustier.png Sylphid Bustier


40 1
Sylphid Tutu.png Sylphid Tutu


40 1
Gacha Ticket.png Gacha Ticket 12 5

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Image Name
Title Sylphid.png Sylphid Conquered Title