Phantom Beast Cyclop

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Phantom Beast Cyclop.png
March 24 ~ April 7, 2017

Overview[edit | edit source]

Earth.png Humanoid Type
Beginner ? HP
Intermediate ? HP
Advanced ? HP
  • Smash - たタきツぶス
    • Very strong single tile-based attack.
  • Swipe - なギタおす
    • Strong one row attack.
  • Rush Mode - ラッシュモード
    • Activates at 50% HP, Cyclop will roar indicating this action. Grants Brave, increases total damage dealt.

  • A very simple boss with little mechanic.
  • Avoid all tile-based attacks.

Drops[edit | edit source]

◆ Cyclop Coins ◆

Cyclop Coin
Cyclop Armor Set
  • When Cyclop is defeated, Cyclop Coin has a chance of dropping.
  • Higher difficulties of the dungeon will have a chance of dropping more coins and better rates,
  • These coins can be exchanged at the Rare Coin Shop.

Coin Shop[edit | edit source]

Items in this shop can only be purchased with Cyclop Coin.

Image Name Cost # Available
Cyclop Mask.png Cyclop Mask

(Heavy Armor)

40 1
Cyclop Armor.png Cyclop Armor

(Heavy Armor)

40 1
Cyclop Legging.png Cyclop Legging

(Heavy Armor)

40 1
Gacha Ticket.png Gacha Ticket 12 5