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Event Duration: February 12 to February 28, 2018

This is a collaboration event with Square Enix's 2017 PS4 Action-RPG "NieR: Automata." The event's main objective is to gain and upgrade the event-exclusive Heavy Armor Set.

  • The breakdown of the event is as follows:
    • Defeat Beauvoir (Inorganic / Water) to gather Beauvoir Coins and exchange them for the Heavy Armor Set, Beauvoir Crystals, a 4*-guaranteed Gacha Ticket, etc. at the Rare Coin Shop.
    • Upgrade your Heavy Armor Set with Beauvoir Crystals.
      • Note that the Heavy Armor Set can only be upgraded by consuming Beauvoir Crystals.
    • The Heavy Armor Set consists of:
      • Heavy Headgear: Special Ability Reload Time -30s
      • Heavy Bodygear: Earth Normal Ability Power +40 / Normal Ability Reload Time +0.2s
      • Heavy Leggings: Blind Debuff Resistance +50
    • The Challenge difficulty level becomes accessible after clearing the Super quest.
    • Players will be rewarded with a total of 95 Mythrils, 60 Beauvoir Coins, 5 Job Gacha Tickets and more for fulfilling the Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Super stamp sheets.
    • A vigilante-based Beauvoir hunting quest is also available, which, as opposed to December's Mimichrisatanta event, is accessible all around the clock during the period.
      • Challenge Beauvoir at levels 20, 35, 50, and 80, together with your vigilante buddies!
    • Beauvoir occasionally drops the event-exclusive "Pod 042."
      • A Pod 042 can only be upgraded by sacrificing other (non-awakened) Pod 042s.
      • The 6* version of the headgear will have a Normal Effect of Seal Debuff Resistance +50.
      • Small Biped also drops an event-exclusive item, named "Machine Head," but this armor piece seems to have no remarkable abilities.
    • Click or tap here for information regarding the Event Missions and here for the Collaboration Commemoration Campaigns.

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