Main Story Part 1 Near-Completion Celebration Event: Record of Adventures

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06112018 Campaign 1.jpg

Event Duration: June 11 to June 30, 2018

  • Gain up to eight Gacha Tickets and other valuable rewards by tossing Rinne's Friendship Coins into the Town Fountain!
    • The more points earned, the more items you will receive at the end of the event.
    • Rinne's Friendship Coins are randomly scattered around the quest maps, just like Rare Coins.
      • RFCs can also be obtained as rewards for completing the "Record of Adventures" Event Missions.
    • A player's Individual Points are the cumulative total of RFCs s/he has thrown into the Fountain.
      • Overall Points represent the combined total of each player's Individual Points.
Overall Points Reward
500,000 Gacha Ticket x1
2,000,000 Gacha Ticket x2
3,500,000 Gacha Ticket x3
5,500,000 Gacha Ticket x4
7,000,000 Gacha Ticket x5
Individual Points Reward
10 Gacha Ticket x1
50 Gold Boost Set x1
100 20,000 PQ
200 4* Scroll Set x1
300 Gacha Ticket x1
400 Gold Boost Set x1
500 4* Scroll Set x1
800 Legend Coin x1
1,000 Gacha Ticket x1
1,200 Legend Coin x1
1,400 Legend Coin x1
1,700 Legend Coin x3