Happy New Year Campaign

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Campaign 1: Log-in Bonus (December 31 - January 15)

  • Daily bonus of 15 Mythrils will be given out for logging in the game, up to 10 days between December 31, 2017 and January 15, 2018.

Campaign 2: Free Equippable Message Board (December 31 - January 31)

  • All players will be gifted with a new Equippable Message Board: "Happy New Year."

Campaign 3: KapuMochi Shrine & KapuMochi Ema (December 31 - January 14)

  • In this event, players can earn various rewards by dedicating KapuMochi Ema to the KapuMochi Shrine.
    • The KapuMochi Shrine will appear in front of the Beauty Salon.
    • KapuMochi Ema will be given by Rinne in the Find Rinne mini-mission.
      • Ema = Votive tablet for shrine visitors
    • Rewards include Brave Coins, Awakening materials, Job Gacha Tickets, and more!

Campaign 4: New Year Pop-Up Store (January 1 - January 15)

  • In this time-limited store, players can get any 1 five-starred item in exchange for a 5* Coupon Coin.
    • A 5* Coupon Coin will be presented to those who have purchased 150 Mythrils.
    • Note that the offer is limited to only once per account.