Fullmetal Alchemist Collaboration: Attack on Homunculus Archeus

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05142018 Event 1.png

Event Duration: May 14 to May 31, 2018

This is a collaboration event with Hiromu Arakawa's manga/anime series "Fullmetal Alchemist." The event's main objective is to gain and upgrade the event-exclusive Archeus Set and Armstrong Masks.

Boss Name Type Attribute Debuff 1 Debuff 2 Debuff 3
Archeus Flying Fire Poison Burn Bleed
  • Defeat Archeus to gather Archeus Coins and exchange them for the Archeus Set at the Rare Coin Shop.
  • Upgrade your Archeus armor pieces to 6*, just as you do with other equipment, to unlock their Effect Slots (where a normal effect can be inherited from other gears/scrolls).
  • The Archeus Set consists of:
    • Archeus Mask
      • Awakenable Effect: Water Special Ability Reload Time -30s
      • Event-Only Effect: Armstrong Mask Drop Rate +2%
    • Archeus Bodywear
      • Awakenable Effect: Water Normal Ability Power +20
      • Event-Only Effect: Armstrong Mask Drop Rate +2%
    • Archeus Pants/Skirt
      • Awakenable Effect: Water Normal Ability Reload Time -0.3s
      • Event-Only Effect: Armstrong Mask Drop Rate +2%
  • In addition to Archeus Coins and Fire Runes, Archeus rarely drops Armstrong Masks.
    • The "Bleed Debuff Resistance" effect will be activated by upgrading Armstrong Masks to 3* or higher.
      • The higher the headgear's grade, the more powerful the effect will become.
        • A 6* Armstrong Mask will have the "Bleed Debuff Resistance +50" effect.
    • Armstrong Masks can only be upgraded by consuming non-awakened Armstrong Masks.
  • The Challenge difficulty level becomes accessible after completing the Super stamp sheet.
  • A vigilante-based Archeus hunting quest is also available.
    • Challenge Archeus at levels 20, 35, 50, and 80, together with your vigilante buddies!
  • Click or tap here for information regarding the Event Missions.

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