Fire Monsters Hunting Event "Wavering Flames"

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"Wavering Flames" is a time-limited Hunting Event running from November 20 to December 4, 2017.

11202017 Event.png

  • The main objective of this quest is to gain the event-exclusive Fire Energy Medals.
  • Fire Energy Medals can only be obtained from the Wavering Flames Box Gacha.
    • The Wavering Flames Box Gacha costs 1 Wavering Flames Gacha Ticket per draw.
      • Wavering Flames Gacha Tickets are dropped from monsters that appear in the Wavering Flames quest.
        • Each Wavering Flames quest lasts 15 minutes, instead of the usual 30 minutes.
    • Other rewards include Gacha Tickets, Medal Scrolls, and Enhancement Hammers.
  • The Wavering Flames Box Gacha can be reset as many times as desired, but the contents of the gacha box will change after resetting 6 times (i.e. no more Gacha Tickets).
  • Good news for beginners is that, as opposed to the previous Hunting Events, the Wavering Flames quest features rare monsters that will drop either Flame Medal, Wind Medal, Aqua Medal, or Earth Medal on occasion.
  • Information about the Wavering Flames Event Missions is available here.