Crystal Gacha

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The Crystal Gacha is a new reward system that offers active players a free 5* gear on a monthly basis.

Crystal Gacha 1.jpg

Raise your Crystal Gacha level to get a greater chance of pulling your desired gear!

  • Your Crystal Gacha level will go up as you grow your Crystal, which is displayed at the lower left of the Hometown screen (see above).
    • Your Crystal grows depending on the amount of your Activity Points.
  • Activity Points can be earned by simply logging in the game (100 points, once a day) as well as by defeating monsters (1 point per monster kill), with a daily maximum of 200 points.
    • The daily Activity Point count resets at 4:00 AM (JST).
  • Players can roll the Crystal Gacha only once a month per account.
    • This gacha resets at 3:59 AM (JST) on the first day of each month.
Gacha Level Points Earned Guaranteed Rarity Selectable Criteria
1 0-499 4* or higher None
2 500-1499 4* or higher Job (Knight / Thief / Black Mage / White Mage / Hunter)
3 1500-2999 5* Job
4 3000-4999 5* Job and Element (Fire / Water / Earth / Wind)
5 5000 or more 5* Job, Element, and Equipment Type (Weapon / Armor)
  • For example, when doing a Level-5 Crystal Gacha pull, you are not only guaranteed to receive a 5* gear but also can select your preferred criteria. So, say, if you want a 5* Fire-elemental Great Sword, you can enter the criteria as "Knight / Fire / Weapon."