Attack on Phantom Beast Rusalka

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Attack on Phantom Beast Rusalka is a time-limited Armor Event running from November 13 to November 27, 2017, with the main objective for players to gain and upgrade the event-exclusive Rusalka Set.

11132017 Event 1.png

  • Defeat Rusalka (Inorganic / Water) to gather Rusalka Coins.
  • There are 4 different variations of Rusalka, each with a different combination of attack/defense characteristics and buff/debuff abilities. And yes, you must defeat all of them to win.
Name Attack Defense Debuff 1 Debuff 2 Self-Buff
Alpha Physical Resistant to Physical Attack Reduces Magical Attack Slow III -
Beta Physical Resistant to Magical Attack Reduces Magical Defense - Default
Gamma Magical Resistant to Physical Attack Reduces Physical Attack - Brave
Delta Magical Resistant to Magical Attack Reduces Physical Defense Poison -
  • Exchange your collected Rusalka Coins for the Rusalka Set, Rusalka Crystals, etc. at the Rare Coin Shop.
  • Upgrade your Rusalka Set with Rusalka Crystals.
    • Note that the Rusalka Set can only be upgraded by consuming Rusalka Crystals.
  • The Rusalka Set consists of:
    • Rusalka Silk Hat: Water Damage Limit +1500
    • Rusalka Vest: Water Special Ability Power +100 / Special Ability Cooldown Time +10s
    • Rusalka Pants: Physical Defense-Reduce Debuff Resistance +30 / Magical Defense-Reduce Debuff Resistance +30
  • The Challenge quest becomes accessible after completing the Super level 10 times.
  • Players will be rewarded with a total of 95 Mythrils for fulfilling the Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Super stamp sheets.
  • Click or tap here for information regarding the Event Missions.