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Tips Standard Job Advanced Job Image
  • How to unlock BDFE's Advanced Jobs:
    • Raise your character's Standard Job level to 80 or higher.
    • The first Side Quest for the Standard Job's respective Advanced Job will be activated and become available at Est's quest counter.
    • Once you complete the Side Quest, go to the Jobs section to gain access to the unlocked Advanced Job.
      • For example, a Knight at level 90 can unlock Paladin by completing Paladin's first Side Quest.
  • Just like Standard Jobs, each Advanced Job has its own Asterisk Board for players to enhance their characters' capabilities.
    • There is, however, a major difference though, as the Advanced Job Asterisk Boards require 5-Star Runes to activate the nodes.
      • 5-Star Runes can be obtained by exchanging Legend Coins at the Rare Coin Shop.
      • As of July 29, Legend Coins are only available as rewards for certain Achievements, Quests, and Missions (i.e. not dropping from monsters).
Knight Paladin
Thief Assassin
Black Mage Arcanist
White Mage Priest
Hunter Sniper