Abyss Hall

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Abyss Hall is a dangerous permanent dungeon. Players can challenge this dungeon and try to reach the furthest floor. You are rewarded Gacha Ticket almost every floor once, making this a very nice way to get equipments when you're up to the task.

A boss will appear on every 5th floor, defeating them will also earn you a "Proof of Floor # Abyss Hall Cleared!" Title for bragging rights.

Abyss Hall beneath Istantal
Abyss Hall Clear Titles

Be warned, every floor changes Element. Make sure to upgrade all sorts of Weapons and Armors before attempting!

Floor Bosses

Floor Bosses
Crimson Knight
Mythril Shell
Fire.png Undead Type AHB CrimsonKnight.png Water.png Aquatic Type AHB MythrilShell.png
Floor 5 34104 HP Floor 10 58680 HP
Storm Majin
Dark Ogres
Wind.png Inorganic Type AHB StormMajin.png Earth.png Humanoid Type AHB DarkOgre.png
Floor 15 56595 HP Floor 20 #1 44074 HP / #2 44074 HP
Wesel Horn
Young Ice Worm
Fire.png Demon Type AHB WeselHorn.png Water.png Insect Type AHB YoungIceWorm.png
Floor 25 124440 HP Floor 30 141428 HP
Grand Valkas
Wind.png Aquatic Type AHB Behemoth.png Earth.png Beast Type AHB GrandValkas.png
Floor 35 194680 HP Floor 40 273448 HP
Heat Crusader
Fire.png Humanoid Type AHB HumanCrusader.png Water.png Beast Type AHB Europa.png
Floor 45 289280 HP Floor 50 404149 HP
Row Hopping is great to avoid burn damage.
All of the tile-based attacks is very fatal.

Party-wide Roar very frequently (Very Painful).
White Mages should cast heal when you see him casting it.

Enters Rush Mode frequently below 50% (Brave+Default+Regen).
Dark Angel Bow is great for removing his Brave to make his attacks less fatal.
Row Hopping is great to avoid burn damage.
Avoid all AOE, they may inflict up to Burn III.
(1000+ Damage/tick on Burn tiles)

--50% HP--
Enters Rush Mode at 50% (Brave)
Will use party-based attacks with varying damage.
からの竜撃 - Fatal damage at front/mid rows
からの虎撃 - Fatal damage at the back/mid rows.
Pay attention to the Kanji (2nd last letter, Tail - Go to Rear. Legs - Go to Front)

フレードバースト - All Row AOE that sets all tiles with Burn.
Aran Uerudo
Wind.png Dragon Type AHB AranUerudo.png Earth.png ? Type 200px
Floor 55 750408 HP Floor 60 ? HP
Notable Rewards
Castle Helm.pngCastle Armor.pngCastle Legging.png Floor 30
Gacha Ticket.png Every Floor (Once)
Except 30F