2.5 Million Downloads Celebration

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2.5 Million Downloads Celebration.png
June 5 ~ June 12, 2017

Overview[edit | edit source]

Celebrate the 2.5 Million Downloads milestone with everyone by logging in for rewards, and as well as participate in the event dungeon. Earn up to 25 Gacha Ticket!

Campaign 1[edit | edit source]


  • Introduction quest will reward x3 Gacha Ticket.
  • Daily Quest will reward x2 Gacha Ticket. Complete everyday for up to 16 Gacha Ticket!
  • Defeat the 4 Chomper variations to complete the dungeon.
    • Lots of EXP and PQ drop!
      • Turn on your Boosts for an increase!
  • Can only be entered once a day.

Campaign 2[edit | edit source]


Log in up to 8 days during the event duration to receive the following:

Day 1 Gexpboost.png x1
Day 2 Gmonsterboost.png x1
Day 3 Gacha Ticket.png x3
Day 4 5AScroll.png x1
Day 5 Gdropboost.png x1
Day 6 Gmonsterboost.png x1
Day 7 Gacha Ticket.png x3
Day 8 5WScroll.png x1